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Jan Hoadley

Jan Hoadley

Jan Hoadley

Jan Hoadley is a freelance writer who grew up on an Illinois farm with purebred Charolais cattle, with a host of animals including dogs and horses. She is now living in northwest Alabama with eyes towards finding just the right place across the Tennessee border for a small horse operation. She’s worked in the show, racing and “just horse” parts of the equine industry with horses that varied from the cast-off freebies to those with blue blood pedigrees – all with something to teach.

With a household that includes several dogs, cats, rabbits and ducks there’s seldom a lack of ideas to write about! Hoadley believes a good horse isn’t a bad color or breed but admits a special place for Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas and Saddlebreds. In a perfect world there will be some of those and more on that Tennessee farm someday, including a retirement place for horses who have served as mounted patrol mounts that have no other options. She enjoys her dogs, country music and photography.

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