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Camargue Horses

Camargue Horses

Appreciating the Ancient Beauty of Camargue Horses

The Camargue is another old breed of horse. It has been around since before the dawn of the written stories of man. Like other old breeds, there are some divergent opinions regarding the origins of this horse breed.

The Camargue Horse

It has been clearly determined that the Camargue breed came from the marsh regions in the south of France. It is believed by some that the present breed is the result of inter breeding with horse breeds from other regions. The Arabian horse has particularly been pin pointed as a possible contributor to the present bloodline.

Other experts however continue to maintain that there were pure Camargue ancestors even before possible inter breeding began. The ancient Solutre which had similar traits to the Camargue is thought to be the true ancestor of the modern Camargue. Prehistoric illustrations clearly detail Camargue-type horses. The Camargue may have found its way to Spain which accounts for one Spanish breed having clear influences from the French horse breed. It was in the late 1960s that official recognition for the Camargue horse breed was established.

In the original habitats, Camargue horses enjoyed great freedom in the wild. Today, they still enjoy some measure of freedom. They are very sociable horses and continue to thrive in herds. They also breed in herds. The process usually begins when a group of male horses have caught the attention of female horses.

Eventually, the French took steps to ensure that the breed retained a pure bloodline. Instructions and rules were therefore set for the registration of the Camargue horses in the 1970s. To this day, foals that are born are carefully inspected for traits typical to the Camargue. Those born out of the region are noted separately. Despite being a horse of French origins, there are Camargue horses outside of the country. England in particular has its own register.

Camargue  Horse Appearance

Camargue horses are hard to miss. They can clearly be identified by their grey coats and their short statures that do not go beyond 14 hands. As foals their coats are dark but eventually begin to turn white as they grow older. This results in a grey coat that seems dominantly white. Despite their short heights, Camargue horses are strong, swift and sturdy. They owe much of their hardiness to the fact that they originated from harsh marsh lands that alternately had cold and warm climates. To physically survive this type of environment, the horses needed to develop greater stamina. Their natural environment has also ensured that these horses retain some measure of calmness and intelligence needed for surviving on their own.

Camargue Horse Use

Camargue horses were typically used for herding cattle, specifically the black bulls of Camargue. Aside from herding, the Camargue breed has also been found to be good options for riding and dressage. The traits of this horse breed enable them to pass through even very difficult paths.

Although they almost look like ponies, Camargue horses are real horses. They also work and function like real sturdy horses.

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