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Dutch Warmblood Horse

Dutch Warmblood Horse

Going for Gold with the Dutch Warmblood

The Dutch Warmblood has a fairly recent history. It is however, one of the most sought after breeds today. Its innate traits make it the perfect horse breed for the modern needs of horse owners and enthusiasts.

Changing Times

Warm blood horses often occupy the middle ground between hot blood competition horses and cold blood draft horses. They are not too muscular or too lean, too fiery or too docile. This is what makes warm blood horses perfect sports horses. They have in fact been specifically bred to excel in horse sport activities and competitions.

Some may argue that there may have been direct ancestors of warm blooded horses. Many warm blood horse breeds however have clearly been bred in modern times to answer modern needs. In the past, draft horses were in great demand for agricultural work. With the advent of the industry and mechanized farming however, draft horses are no longer as desirable or useful. Today, horses are kept by breeders who simply wish to propagate a breed for its own sake or by pleasure riders and competitive sportsmen. Hence, the present need for special sports horse breeds.

One warm blooded horse breed that has become popular in sports is the Dutch Warmblood. The Dutch Warmbloods are the descendants of the traditional workhorses of Netherlands, the Groningen and the Gelderlanders. Both horse breeds already carried the potential for producing a different breed of horse. Both were powerful horses and the Gelderlanders in particular held a refined bearing that was necessary for the breeding of a Warmblood. To further improve the Dutch Warmblood traits though, the Thoroughbred was introduced.

Desirable Traits

A Dutch Warmblood as a sports horse can not be too large and too stocky. An ideal specimen would therefore clearly exhibit long, straight and medium muscled profiles. The Dutch Warmblood can rise to a minimum of 15.3 hands and should have long necks and legs, sloping shoulders and short backs. The combined physical attributes provide a powerful horse that is also graceful, refined and elegant.

Other than physical appeal, Dutch Warmbloods also have desirable tempers. Since they are used for a variety of competitions, they should be responsive to human control without being too meek. Stubbornness and extreme spiritedness are undesirable in Dutch Warmbloods simply because that would make them impossible to handle during a competition.

The Dutch Warmblood Today

The exacting Dutch breeding standards have truly produced an excellent sports horse in the Dutch Warmblood. This breed is especially noted for its excellent performance in jumping and dressage. Not all Dutch Warmbloods however are used for these events. There are different categories of this horse breed. Some horses are more ideal for show and display or even for small farm work.

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