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Frederiksborg Horse

Frederiksborg Horse

The Frederiksborg: Danish Horses of Royalty

The Frederiksborg horse is one breed with quite a unique name. It is however more than just a difficult name to remember. The breed name carries the mark of true royalty. The name of the breed alone brings images of kings and emperors.

Frederiksborg Horse History

This horse is regarded as the oldest breed in Denmark. The story of this horse breed can be traced as far back as the 16th century. The breed is clearly linked to the monarch Frederick II who initiated the breed’s stud book. The breed was specifically created through the inter breeding of excellent horse breeds including Spanish and Arabian breeds among others. At that time there was a need for elegant and strong horses that could be used for military, ceremonial and luxury transportation purposes. There was a particular requirement for attractive royal carriage horses that came in a single color. These specifications were met by the Frederiksborg. They therefore became ideal riding and carriage horses.

The breed became so renowned for its ideal traits that other countries began accepting imports from Denmark. Eventually though, the demand for horses like the Frederiksborg fell. Through the years, the demand changed to large draft horses that could work efficiently in farms. Near the end of the first half of the 1900s however, there was yet again another shift in the need for horses. Agriculture had grown increasingly mechanized, lowering the demand for agricultural horses and increasing the need for riding horses once again.

Unfortunately, the Fredericksborg had already become quite rare. This may have probably been due to both the changing demands and the continual importation. It was already in the late 1930s that attempts were made to promote the breeding and preservation of the Frederiksborg horses. Arabian, Friesian and Thoroughbred horses were brought in to contribute to the revival of the old Danish breed. Up to this day however, the breed is still considered rare.

Frederiksborg Horse Attributes

The original Frederiksborg horses were noted for their beautifully refined appearances. Those that survive today still retain the exquisiteness of their ancestors. The most distinctive traits of these horses are their chestnut coat color and flaxen mane and hair. They bear white marks on the legs and head. The well-defined head sits on an arched neck that connects to sloping shoulders, a long back and a deep chest. The legs are muscular with sturdy bones. Although the original horses were mostly chestnut, the current descendants may also have buckskin, palomino or bay colors.

The Fredericksborg horses of today continue to excel in what their ancestors excelled in. They remain top performers in driving and are good riding horses. They may however also be used for dressage and jumping.

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