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Golden American Saddlebred Horses

Golden American Saddlebred Horses

Promoting the Golden American Saddlebred

American Saddlebred horses remain popular to this day. What some may not know however, is that some breeders prefer to breed Saddlebreds that are purely gold in color. Although they are still Saddlebreds, their gold color adds to their appeal, charm and elegance.

The Golden American Saddlebred Story

The story of the Golden American Saddlebred is necessarily linked to the American Saddlebred. Unlike other horse breeds from the U.S. this particular breed does not have origins that can be traced back to the expert breeders of the Native American people. The Saddlebred is instead linked to the early white settlers of the continent. During the early years of inhabiting America, the Thoroughbred from England was still a widely popular horse. Instead of just keeping pure Thoroughbreds though, the settlers paired them with American horses. The foals of this breeding system became the ancestors of the American Saddlebred.

At first, the horses were used as mounts for the military during the war for independence. Eventually though, the horses found their way to Kentucky where they found a different use. They became useful work horses in farms. Their beautiful conformation however also made them popular carriage horses. It was only however, some time in the mid 1800s that the Saddlebreds gradually became recognized as a breed on their own. It was at this time that the official foundation stallion for most modern Saddlebreds was identified.

American Saddlebreds come in a variety of colors. They can be chestnut, black, buckskin, brown and palomino among other colors. The golden color however truly stands apart. Although the golden colored horses are still essentially American Saddlebreds, their color gives them distinction especially as show horses. The specific history of this Saddlebred color can be traced back to 1864 when the color was first introduced into the breed. Official registration of Golden Saddlebreds however came much later. Today, the Golden American Saddlebred has its own association that promotes its breeding and popularity.

Golden American Saddlebred Traits

Of course, the Golden Saddlebred should have a gold color. Shades of gold however are allowed. Minimal white markings on the legs and face are allowed. Like Saddlebred horses of other colors, these golden horses are required to have sleek, elegant appearances. They therefore typically have proportioned heads, long necks, long legs, short backs, sloping shoulders, muscular hind quarters and high tails. They can be as tall as 17 hands although the minimum height is a little over 15 hands.

The American Saddlebred is very easy to manage and train. Although like other horse breeds, some Saddlebreds may actually exhibit slightly hot tempers. Today, American Saddlebreds are popular parade and show horses. This is mainly because they are really quite showy horses. Aside from their beautiful physical attributes, they also have high, exaggerated steps. This is why they are also sometimes referred to as peacocks. Those with gold coats are especially more visually appealing. Aside from being perfect show horses, the Golden American Saddlebred can also be used in jumping, riding and dressage events.

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