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Morab Horse

Morab Horse

Combining Strength and Elegance in a Morab

In the past, there has been a lot of argument over the status of the Morab. It has however already been established as a true horse breed. Looking back at the history of the Morab will provide the right explanation on the controversy surrounding this stunning breed.

Morab Roots

If you take a closer look at the breed name, you will be able to discover its roots. The Morab is actually the original result of breeding Morgan and Arab horses. This has led many to conclude that Morabs are half breeds. In reality though, Morabs are true, pure horse breeds. Morabs are able to transmit their particular traits to their offspring. Naturally, the first Morabs were registered as half breeds in the respective registries of the Morgan and Arab breeds. In the second half of the 1900s though, the pure Morab registry was born.

Although the formal history of the breed is recent, the true ancestors of the breed were bred in the 1850s. The most popular horse from a Morgan stallion and an Arab mare was Golddust. This foundation stallion was a champion show horse and excelled in trotting and walking. He was said to have won numerous competitions. It is from this first notable horse that future Morabs came from.

The distinct line sired by Golddust was not heard from again until the 1920s. From this decade onward, William Randolph Hearst continued breeding Morabs. He mated his own Arab and Morgan horses to come up with the perfect horse for ranch work. It is generally documented that the name of the breed came from Hearst.

Hearst however was not to be the only Morab breeder. The Swenson brothers of Texas and Martha Doyle Fuller soon followed suit. It was Fuller in particular who had a tremendous impact on the Morab breed. She wanted to have horses that would be unmatched in the show ring. Her efforts to breed the Morab began in 1955 and nearly two decades later, the Morab registry was instituted. There has been three Morab registries to date with the most recent being opened only about nine years ago.

Morab Traits

Despite being a true breed, the Morab truly embodies the best traits of both the Morgan and Arab horses. A Morab horse is therefore elegant, refined, strong and enduring. It stands at 14 to 15.2 hands and has a straight head profile, arched neck, sloping shoulders, deep chest, short back, medium high withers, long legs, round hooves and high tail. Morab horses are intelligent, mild mannered and affectionate. You can find Morab horses in black, chestnut and bay among other colors.

Because of their heritage, Morab horses are swift and have great stamina. Aside from being great show horses, they also therefore excel in endurance competitions like riding. They perform well in dressage, driving, trail riding, jumping and cutting.

As Fuller herself found out, there is no other breed born from two excellent breeds that can quite measure up to the Morab. It has the beauty and strength of a true competition horse.

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