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Yakut Pony

Yakut Pony

Yakut Pony

Discovering the Yakut of Siberia

As most of us would imagine, life in Siberia isn’t very easy. The climate and extreme weather conditions alone can naturally eliminate lesser made beings and creatures. Despite the difficult conditions though, one unique horse breed, the Yakut, continues to thrive and serve its purpose.

The horse breed is believed to have come from ancient origins. It is possible that it may be related to old Asian breeds particularly of Mongolian descent. There are some theorists who maintain that the Yakut is not a natural native of Siberia. Its introduction to Siberia is in fact credited to the Yakut people who chose to settle in the region. Hence, the horse breed carries the name of the people that has bred it through the years.

Regardless of the actual ancient origins of the breed, one thing is certain. No other breed best exemplifies being a product of its environment. Although it is a horse breed, typical specimens of this breed are a bit short, stocky and compact. They have straight necks and short thickset legs. This conformation is a natural development brought about by environmental adjustment. With such a body, internal heat, which is vital to survival, is conserved.

Aside from its stocky build, horses of this breed also have rich, generous manes and tails and seasonal thick coats. Again, this is added protection during the cold winter months. These horses usually carry rounder bodies in the summer when they begin storing fat which their systems can use when food or forage becomes scarce.

The body structures of these horses however are obviously not enough to help them survive in winter. Any horse breed living in difficult conditions would need to have special traits and attributes that can promote survival. For the Yakut, their keen senses are the key to finding food in dark winter days. They also have thick, sturdy hooves that help them forage for food even in icy conditions.

Clearly, the Yakut horses can survive on their own but they are not always left on their own because they are well loved and prized by their breeders. From earlier times until the present, the Yakut has remained an important and functional part of human society in Siberia. From the very beginning, these horses were vital for transportation, hauling and domestic work.

They are however, more than just mere beasts of burden. They are also prime sources of horse meat for human consumption. The mares also provide milk which is an essential ingredient for the region’s local drink. When Yakut horses are used for food, the other parts of the horses that are not edible can still be used. Their thick coats can be used for a variety of purposes including clothing.

To the people of Siberia, the Yakut horse breed is indeed a true blessing.

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