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Raising the Dead

Horse Stories

Written by: Michele Davis

I own a horse that can do miracles. In fact, he can perform the most amazing miracle I can possibly imagine.
We were about to leave for a vacation and we really needed a place for our horses. We had wanted a neighbor to come over and feed them, but it was midsummer, so many Vermonters were traveling to escape the humidity and mosquitoes. We had called around to several of our horsy friends, and for a variety of reasons, none could take our horses for the two weeks we would be gone. Finally, in desperation, we called on of our non-horsy friends that had a big grassy pasture. He agreed to take them, so we set up a time to trailer them over to his place before we left and give him instructions on their care.
We had just gotten the horses settled in and found a dry place in Mr. Townsend’s tool shed for our grain and the horses’ halters. My Mother was explaining to Mr. Townsend one of our horse’s idiosyncrasies.
“I warn you, the horses like to sun themselves a lot now that it is summer.” My mother warned our friends who had kindly agreed to let our horses graze in their pasture for a few weeks while we were gone.
“Oh, I’m sure everything will be fine.” Mr. Townsend agreed. He did not know a lot about horses, but our horses were easy keepers and were all very sweet and mellow. We gave him instructions for feeding grain and gave him our contact information and the vet’s number in case of an emergency. We left for our vacation, confident that our horses were happily grazing and enjoying the Vermont summer sun.
We had been enjoying ourselves on vacation for a few days when we got a frantic call from Mr. Townsend.
“Oh my god! I am so sorry!” he rushed out as soon as I my mother answered the phone.
“What’s wrong? What is it?” She asked, worried, as Mr. Townsend was obviously upset.
“It’s the horse,” he gasped, “They’re ddddead!” he stammered.
“Ok, just calm down a moment.” My mother said, “I think I understand what has happened.”
“I am so sorry.” Mr. Townsend interjected, “I don’t know how it happened.
“Try one thing first,” my mother asked, “please go take a bucket and put some of their grain in it, and shake it.
“What good does that do?” Mr. Townsend asked, shocked and incredulous.
“Just try it.” My mom responded stoically.
“OK. Hold on.”
A few minutes passed while Mr. Townsend was away from the phone. When he returned he was still breathless.
“Oh my god! I can’t believe it!”
“They were fine weren’t they?”
“Yes! They were deader than dead until I shook the grain. Then all of a sudden they popped right up off the ground and trotted up to the fence!”
“They were just sunning themselves.” My mother replied, “But if you prefer, they can also raise themselves from the dead.”
After that, the rest of our vacation went smoothly and we got no more panicked calls from Mr. Townsend. When we went to pick the horses up, he commented, “They died a few more times, but it was the most amazing thing! Every time they would, I would shake that bucket of grain and they would pop right back up!”
This was how we learned that our horses could raise themselves from the dead, as long as they have a little grain to motivate them to do it!

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