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Top 5 Equine Hospitals in the U.S.

Top 5 Equine Hospitals in the U.S.

It’s hard to come up with the top 5 equine hospitals in the U.S. This is simply because there are a number of outstanding hospitals that deserve to be mentioned. Five institutions however do stand out. Whether it’s their scope of services or their dedication to excellence, these top 5 equine hospitals truly deserve to be commended.

Oakridge Equine Hospital

This large facility is nestled in North Edmond Oklahoma and has a total land area of 24,500 square feet. Most of this area is occupied by its main hospital. The rest is occupied by an imaging building and a barn or storage area. Oakridge particularly stands out as part of the top 5 equine hospitals because it is the only facility which has a large animal MRI unit in the central U.S. region. Aside from MRI it also offers ultrasonography, endoscopy, digital radiography and fluoroscopy. Surgical procedures performed include soft tissue surgery, arthroscopic surgery, orthopedic surgery and laser surgery.

LSU Equine Hospital (Louisiana State University)

This facility is staffed by veterinary professionals who offer 24/7 service and care. It offers a broad range of services that include reproduction, imaging, performance evaluation, surgery, internal medicine and health maintenance. Although the hospital may have similar facilities and services as other hospitals, what makes LSU Equine Hospital worthy of being one of the top 5 equine hospitals is its dedicated response and its commitment to further facility and service improvement.

Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital

This hospital bears the name of two noted professionals in equine veterinary medicine. Established more than two decades ago in Ocala, Florida, it continues to provide 24/7 horse care. The hospital is capable of providing medical attention to individual patients and to whole farms. Aside from the usual care provided by most other hospitals, Peterson and Smith also offers special services in sports medicine, ambulatory care, intensive care, cardiac evaluation, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmic care, on site lab evaluations and podiatry.

Reata Equine Hospital

Reata Equine Hospital

Reata Equine Hospital

Reata offers similar services as most other full equine hospitals. It has services for internal medicine, diagnostics, reproduction, neonatal care and surgery. It also offers general care services like worming, vaccination and dental evaluations. What makes this hospital part of the top 5 equine hospitals is its Podiatry Center which was opened in June. The center stands on 3000 square feet of land and has two climate controlled sections for treatment. Find out more information at

San Luis Rey Equine Hospital

This facility has been around for more than three decades in Bonsall California. It sits on a wide land area that can house a maximum of thirty patients at one time. It can attend to these patients 24/7. The facilities include an operating room, pharmacy, barn, recovery room, laboratory, treatment room and isolation section. What makes this hospital truly deserving of being one of the top 5 equine hospitals is its pioneering spirit. It is one of the pioneers in the fields of nuclear bone scanning, abdominal surgery and radiography.

If you have a horse that you love more than anything and need medical care, these top 5 equine hospitals are the places to go. Horse care doesn’t get any better than this.

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