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Patrick Corcoran Sr.

Patrick Corcoran Sr.

Patrick Corcoran Sr.

Patrick Corcoran Sr. worked for the Baltimore, Maryland and Newark, Delaware City Police Departments for a total of 25 years. He retired to devote more time to his hobby of riding and training horses and competing in amateur rodeos.

After retiring Patrick owned and operated a horse/ cattle farm in Northern Kentucky. It was in this bucolic setting where he wrote the fictional western novel, “Charlie Two Hearts, Book One, Empty Boots.” Available at

Two years later Patrick and his wife, Donna, moved back to Delaware and donated his horse to a therapeutic riding program for underprivileged and handicapped children.

Patrick’s black and white American Paint Horse, Zip’s Fire and Ice, was featured in a March 2004 edition of “The Paint Horse Journal”. “Zip” was also the inspiration for the horse character, “Cracker” in the book, “Charlie Two Hearts”.

Patrick is back in law enforcement full time again but finds time to ride motorcycles and help other people with horse training issues. The rest of his waking hours are spent writing books and short stories.

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