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Alternative Medicine for Horses

What is Alternative Medicine for Horses

Alternative medicine for horses is exactly what the term suggests. It is an option for horse owners who do not wish to use conventional approaches. By conventional medicine we mean the use of surgery and medicines to treat disease and injury. In other words, alternative medicine is that which does not resort to the use of modern medical techniques.

Alternative Horse Medicine

Alternative Horse Medicine

To be more exact, alternative medicine uses a holistic approach. Practitioners of this discipline believe that horses, or any living creature for that matter, suffer from health conditions because of an imbalance in the system. When the spirit, body and mind are not in harmony, illness occurs. Hence, alternative medicine seeks to treat the whole individual and not just the affected part of the body.

Alternative vs. Conventional

It is no secret that alternative and conventional medicine sometimes do not mix. There are many aspects and principles over which they do not agree. One point which they do not agree over is the use of approaches and techniques that are not scientifically backed. Those who use conventional approaches scoff at the idea of using alternative techniques that do not come with clear scientific documentation.

Practitioners of alternative medicine for horses however counter argue that scientific proof is not everything. As most of us would know, many herbal applications and non-conventional techniques such as acupuncture have been in use for centuries. Although concrete scientific explanations for such alternative approaches are not always present, there is some proof that they are effective and beneficial to a certain extent.

Supporters of alternative medicine also criticize some conventional approaches. Sometimes, conventional medicine is viewed as a way to treat only the symptoms and not the root problem which is systemic imbalance.

Dangers of Alternative Approaches

Alternative medicine for horses has been effectively used by many qualified practitioners. Obviously though, the absence of definite scientific documentation and standards can be a disadvantage. Although alternative approaches can be effective, they can also be harmful in the hands of unscrupulous companies and practitioners. Because we have no absolute scientific manual to follow when it comes to alternative approaches, many con artists can pull together a treatment approach and claim it to be the product of alternative medicine.

What a Horse Owner Should Know

Under certain circumstances, alternative medicine for horses might be the best option for your horse. Before you choose this option though, remember to keep yourself informed first. Find out as much as you can about it before deciding to adopt any solution that claims to be an alternative form of medicine. Choose your practitioner wisely too. Make sure he has the right qualifications to recommend alternative approaches.

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