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Horseman Magazine: About Us

The love affair that we as riders share with our horses is a relationship that few people will ever fully understand. It is a common bond, the passionate love of horses, that we as fellow horsemen share, and it is this connection that Horseman Magazine embraces. Since we first held a bit in our hands and stroked a horse’s cheek as it stared back at us with its big, beautiful black pools for eyes, we were hooked. Their prowess as animals enchants us, and when we’re in the saddle, we swoon in exhilaration from it. It’s an indescribable experience: hearing the beating of hoofs as we see the foliage flashing past us. And yet, despite their power and incredible natural talent, we save only our sweetest whispers and most soothing tones for these sensitive, gentle creatures. No matter how early we rise; no matter how long we stay, when we leave the stables at the end of the day, we always feel we are somehow leaving a piece of ourselves behind. This is what it means to be a horseman, and this is what Horseman Magazine is all about.

Horseman Magazine is an informative and enjoyable magazine, written by devoted horse enthusiasts all around the world just like yourself. Our focus is to give horse lovers everywhere the understanding they need to better care for, and bond with, their four-legged friends. Horses being as much spiritual creatures as they are physical ones, Horseman Magazine offers in-depth online material on both horse psychology and horse physiology. We believe that in order for a horseman to be the best rider they can be, they must first be fluent in the quiet workings of a horse’s psyche. By better empathizing with the animals as a whole, we may better develop that all important connection between horse and rider; the horse-rider connection is, indisputably, the apex of horsemanship. This is, after all, how we may best care for our horses. And when there is a healthy unison, that harmony is what motivates horses to success.

As an exclusively online publication, Horseman Magazine can provide a stream of ready made, professionally written editorials right at your fingertips. Bookmark us and visit us with your dilemmas, queries, or simply browse through our articles for all the best in tips and informative horse tidbits. In Horseman Magazine¬†you will find¬†empirically sound articles on horse anatomy and evolutionary psychology; horsemanship is as much a science as it is an art. Also, as a friendly, upbeat online publication, we even have a section for horse interest stories. Learn second hand from the ups and light hearted downs of our own writers and even fellow readers of Horseman Magazine. Horseman Magazine offers a wealth of information to help enthusiasts of all levels to better understand the nature of their horses so that they can in turn become the great horsemen or horsewomen they have the innate potential of becoming. Whether advanced, intermediate, or just beginning, Horseman Magazine is the one publication all riders should have in their favorites.’